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Baby Nutrition, Allergen & Score Guide 2013

Baby Nutrition, Allergen & Score Guide 2013

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Get the facts about your baby's food. Foodfacts.com has been researching nutrition and ingredient information for over a decade. Now, we're putting that experience and knowledge into your hands in our first ever, easy-to-follow Baby Nutrition Guide! This is a valuable tool for parents who want to make the best, healthiest decisions for their young children. With detailed nutritional information, allergen warnings, ingredient content, and the FoodFacts Health Score for hundreds of baby food products, you'll want to keep the FoodFacts.com Baby Nutrition Guide close at hand for your growing family.

  • Complete information for hundreds of baby and toddler food products, including formula, baby treats, and toddler meals.
  • Over 80, full-color pages of nutrition information and products.
  • A quick, color-coded grade for each product to give you an at-a-glance summary of the nutritional value for each product.
  • Notes the following allergens in any product: Peanuts, Eggs, Wheat, Shellfish, Dairy, Soy, Fish, Tree Nuts, Corn, Gluten, Sulfites and Nightshades.
  • Highlights these controversial ingredients: MSG, Free Glutamates, Flavorings, Artificial Colors, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Artificial Sweeteners, Palm Olein Oil, Carrageenan, and more!
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